Great People, Great Technology, Great Service

BambooFIN started in 2018 when a few friends put their heads together and came up with a pretty good idea. They wanted to provide an easy, fast, affordable accounting and business advisory services run by qualified Chartered Accountants, and where clients were treated like friends,  not numbers.

They disrupted an over-priced, over-complicated industry and turned it into an efficient business where conversation and getting to know people are priority, and the numbers come second. We understand it is challenging for entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on building a business when they are constantly bogged down by accounting and compliance work. Access to highly qualified and experienced Accounting professionals is difficult and often prohibitively expensive. That is how BambooFIN came to exist. By leveraging on disruptive cloud-based technology, we can dramatically simplify the accounting process, and provide deep insight on businesses that has traditionally been out of reach by many smaller organisations.

Who We are

We are big on technology and even bigger on thinking outside the box and kicking the stereotypical accounting ideals to the curb.

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We were founded in 2018

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We simplify life for businesses

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We care about quality service

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We give you the information to make great decisions

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Your success is our success

Why are we called BambooFIN?

BambooFIN is a combination of “Bamboo” and “Finance”. In traditional Asian culture, bamboo is a symbol of Oriental beauty. It represents the character of moral integrity, resistance, modesty and loyalty – the very essence of our team. Critically, the tensile strength of plaited bamboo cables is as strong as or stronger than a steel cable of the same size. Our vision is to build resiliency within your business through providing clarity of your financial standing and ensuring that you can withstand the strongest challenges and thrive through effective decision making.

Our Team

A business is only as strong as it’s team. To that end, we’ve managed to find a group of professionals who are amazing at what they do, share our client focussed values and love using disruptive technology to really transform our client’s business. Contact us and get to know more about us and how we can help simplify your Accounting function.

Lynn Lim

Lynn Lim is one of the Firm’s founding Partners. Lynn drives the Firm’s consultancy and accounting division.

Lynn has over nineteen (19) years of experience in accounting and finance. She has dealt in mergers & acquisitions, integration of regional based finance shared services function, corporate restructuring, corporate due diligence, software implementation and risk management. The most recent experience has been as a Senior Finance Manager for a multinational company as well as the Financial Controller for a leading Food distribution company.